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 “JUMPWARE Point-of-Sale & Back-Office system is the most cost-effective all-in-one solution on the market today.  We love the reliability and extensive functionality of the system, its high-speed credit card interface, as well as the support we get from JUMPWARE.


We will continue to install JUMPWARE at our remaining stores because it justifies the transition from a basic cash register to a modern POS solution.”

Bill Hall

Multi-Store Dairy Queen Franchisee

Treats Operating Co.

“I improved my order accuracy and reduced my food costs by about 2% when I replaced my basic cash registers with JUMPWARE. Also, order disputes with customers have practically disappeared.  But that’s not all. JUMPWARE real-time reports are an eye opener. They tell me what really sells well and when, and what doesn’t. This helps me plan my purchases much better and reduce wastage.  Before I relied on my assumptions which, I now know, were not always correct.”

Henry Boschen

Single-Store Dairy Queen Franchisee



“JUMPWARE is the most stable, reliable, and easy-to-operate touchscreen POS software that we’ve used to date, and the only system that has made us comfortable enough to switch from our basic cash registers to a modern POS solution.  Over the years, we’ve tried most of the well-known brands of POS systems, but none had the reliability of JUMPWARE.”

David Bosquez

General Manager

Multi-Store Dairy Queen Franchisee

Treats Operating Co.


"We have been using successive versions of JUMPWARE at the restaurant since 1995 and would recommend it to any restaurant operator in search of a reliable, user friendly, competitively priced POS - Bookkeeping system.  Jumpware has led us to maintain proper operation, cut costs, and get a clear picture of our situation on a moments notice, allowing quick decision making..."

Jean-Luc Salles

Former Owner
Jean-Luc's Bistro

"The first day we used JUMPWARE's integrated, high-speed credit card interface in our busy restaurant, we ended up serving so many more customers than expected! The next day, we stocked enough supplies to handle the increased customer throughput. In short, JUMPWARE enabled us to double our daily credit card volume, gain over an hour of time in our lines, and consequently increase our cash customer throughput and our bottom line - our ultimate goal!"

Marc Weiss

General Manager & Partner

O's Campus Café & Catering

"We have been very satisfied with the JUMPWARE POS program since purchasing it in April of 2000.  The program's capabilities allow us to track all important information necessary to adequately control our business.  It is very easy to use and the price is right..."

D. Russell Engleman Owner & President
Stone House Grill

"JUMPWARE is such an easy program to use. We integrated the system into our restaurant the same day we received it. It was kind of scary at first with it being such a multi-tasked program but it gave us the freedom to learn the intricate details at our own pace.

JUMPWARE is such a relief. I can't even begin to tell you how dramatically it has reduced our costs and streamlined our operations. It lets you see how your business is doing by the hour. Tasks that used to take 20 minutes to an hour now only take a few seconds with just a couple of taps on the computer screen. All of us at Jasco's California Café are very pleased to work with JUMPWARE and certainly recommend every restaurant should use it..."

Paul Lavery

General Manager

Jasco's California Café, 


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