JUMPWARE Point of Sale Reports

JUMPWARE generates a set of summary reports that give a detailed, up-to-the-minute snapshot of sales, labor and related information for the shift or the day. Additionally, JUMPWARE enables you to view this information for any shift on any day in the past, or summaries for any specified date range. 

Screens below show some example reports that make JUMPWARE a powerful reporting tool.  

Sales Summary / Sales by Section tab - The screen below provides detailed transaction and product sales information as well as current totals for each cashier/server or for the restaurant as a whole. This information can be viewed at any time of day but is particularly useful at closing time.  Pressing the "Print Summary" button is all your manager needs to do at the end of the shift to get a complete report. 

Clicking a check # (left side of screen above) allows you to see the check's details. The "Discounts" column shows you whether any discounts have been applied against this check.  The "Print" column shows whether the check/ticket was printed more than once, the "Delete" column tells you whether any items were deleted from the order after it was sent to the kitchen, and the "Time" column (applicable to table service) shows you how long the check was  open. The "Show Only Abnormal Checks" allows you to view only unusually handled checks such as those that were printed more than once or checks that haven't been closed.  JUMPWARE equips you with this information enabling you address any discrepancies.  Clicking the "Previous/Next/Current/Go To" buttons enable you to view this information for different shifts and dates. 

General Sales Info tab - This screen below provides you with a list of sales journal entries calculated by JUMPWARE as well as a report of petty cash transactions, credit card refunds, issued gift certificates, any applied discounts, and any receivable payments.  You can view this info for the current shift or any past shift.

Sales Statistics - JUMPWARE also generates for you hourly sales totals sorted by menu category and by each menu item.  You can use this information to determine which menu items and categories sell best and when. This information can be viewed for each cashier/server (section) or for the restaurant as a whole (All Sections).  Like previous reports, you can view this information for the current shift or any shift in the past. 

Payroll Statistics - This screen gives you a snapshot of the current shift's/day's payroll totals by department (job function).  You can view this information for any shift/day in the past.  


Payroll History - JUMPWARE allows you to view payroll information not only for a particular shift but for any date range.  Example below.

Sales Statistics / Menu Category - Similarly, JUMPWARE allows you to select any date range and view sales by menu category within this period.  Note that you can also select and view this information for a particular shift/day within this period, for example, Monday sales from 2/1/02 to 2/28/02. 

Sales Statistics / Menu Items - JUMPWARE allows you to break this information down further and view sales by each menu item, over a selected date range.  

Sales Statistics / Inventory Items - Similarly, JUMPWARE allows you to view inventory item purchases and corresponding sales over a selected date range.  This is a great tool for planning inventory purchases for different times of year.

Sales Statistics / Inventory Items -  JUMPWARE also generates a report of purchases by inventory category over a selected date range. 

JUMPWARE is an all-in-one package that combines point-of-sale and back-office (restaurant management) functions into one comprehensive but easy-to-use and affordable system.  View other JUMPWARE POS & Back Office Screens:  








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