JUMPWARE Payroll Management

Administration - The following screen displays the main JUMPWARE functions that an authorized user can access from any POS station or the back-office computer. Each button in the purple section (upper right) leads to a set of useful features that make payroll handling, processing, and even paycheck printing a breeze.    

Below are example Payroll screens:

Setup Payroll - The following screen makes hourly payroll setup a five minute task. 

New Employee - Once you or an authorized manager enter the employee information below, JUMPWARE will automatically prompt the employee to clock in and out, calculate her or his pay, generate a payroll report, and even print the paycheck if you elect to do so.  Also, JUMPWARE will adjust the wage rates for an employee who performs various jobs at different times. 

Edit Employee - JUMPWARE enables you or an authorized manager to display and update employee information in a matter of seconds. Example below.  

Edit Employee Hours - JUMPWARE allows you or an authorized manager to quickly review and edit employee work hours, reported tips, or job position prior to calculating the payroll amount. Example below.

Hourly Employee Report - JUMPWARE generates a report for your hourly employees that you can review and submit to your payroll service if you prefer not to use JUMPWARE to cut the paychecks.  

Review Employee History - JUMPWARE allows you to go back in time and review any employee's payroll information for any duration. Example below.

Graphical Daily Payroll Report - JUMPWARE also enables you to view the employee schedule and payroll information for any day in the past. 

Payroll Calculations - At your command, JUMPWARE will calculate for you the current payroll for any employee. Example below.

Payroll Calculations - If you press the "Show Totals" button, JUMPWARE will calculate and report the current payroll for all employees, allowing you to review the totals before cutting paychecks.  The "Print Checks" button (bottom left of screen) will generate your paychecks.  All you need is check paper in your office printer. 

JUMPWARE is an all-in-one package that combines point-of-sale (POS) and back-office (restaurant management) functions into one comprehensive but easy-to-use and affordable system.  We invite you to view other JUMPWARE Back Office and POS application screens:  




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