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JUMPWARE reliably performs all the functions necessary to run a food and beverage operation successfully with minimal computer knowledge.

JUMPWARE Summary reports are virtually instantaneous, meaning your manager and employees can concentrate on serving customers until closing time, rather than on administrative tasks.  Quite simply, Jumpware is a most dependable, easy way to keep track of your sales, costs, inventory, and books.

JUMPWARE Point Of Sale 

        Provides user-friendly touchscreen interface.

     Displays configurable, station-specific screens (drive-thru, counter, bar, gift shop...)

    Enables customer identification by ticket #, name, car color at drive-thru, etc. 

        Optionally identifies customer by phone number and displays information about previous orders and preferences (e.g. for takeout and delivery).               

        Easily handles high order throughput.

        Easily customizes and organizes menu items and their modifiers. 

     Allows addition/adjustment/deletion of menu and inventory items on the fly, without requirement to restart the system.

     Enables setting of menu item par levels to give servers real-time availability status.

        Attaches recipes to menu items for inventory management.

        Updates inventory automatically.

        Selects and customizes payment types and discounts.

       Prints multiple checks for multiple tables when desired (e.g., in comedy clubs).

       Displays & customizes floor plans and sections/rooms (in table-service restaurants).  

       Allows quick table rearrangement by drag-&-drop.  

       Shows individual table status - birthday, V.I.P., rush, order status, check on table.

        Issues and tracks gift certificates (when used).

        Compiles sales reports and posts sales automatically at regular intervals.  

        Tracks and reports time and attendance for payroll management.

        Archives and flexibly retrieves historical sales data.

        Reports statistical data for various categories.

        Stores customer orders for specified date range.

     Allows authorized user to access any POS or back-office application at any station, thereby maximizing redundancy in case of hardware failure at a particular station or the back-office computer.

Example POS & Report Screens


JUMPWARE High-Speed, Credit Card Payment Interface

       Enables 2-4 second authorizations of credit card transactions via an always-on Internet connection (alternatively, a dial-up connection can be used).

       Provides increase in throughput, revenue, and customer satisfaction resulting from fast customer cycling and shorter lines.

        Allows simultaneous use of same Internet connection by multiple POS stations, without tying up a single phone line.

        Eliminates need for dedicated phone line.

        Integrates magnetic card reader with POS station to eliminate ticket total reentry and related errors.

        Eliminates need for separate credit card terminals and avoids related reconciliation issues.

        Optionally provides real-time, remote, and secure access to credit card transaction reports via the Internet.


JUMPWARE Payroll Management

        Includes time clock for employees.

        Adjusts wage rates for overtime work and employee position changes.

        Automates payroll management end to end, including tax calculation and paycheck generation, if desired.

Example Payroll Screens


JUMPWARE Purchasing, Inventory & Bookkeeping

        Creates vendor lists.

        Sets credit terms.

        Enters purchase orders.

        Converts PO to invoice.

        Posts invoices.

        Automatically flags invoices due for payment.

        Prints vendor checks.

        Automatically updates inventory value and quantities as invoices are entered.

        Prints inventory sheets.

        Allows inventory adjustment by user.

        Costs out recipes.

        Optionally stores paid vendor invoices for a specified time period.

        Provides a user-friendly bookkeeping application that generates profit-&-loss sheets, balance sheets, and other reports.

Example Inventory, Purchasing & Bookkeeping Screens


JUMPWARE Self Order Kiosk

        Displays intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen interface enabling customers to order and pay by credit card without involving a cashier.

        Helps break up and shorten customer lines during busy periods.  Great application for busy quick-serve restaurants and takeout stations.


JUMPWARE Handheld Wireless POS

        Enables wait staff to submit orders directly from the tables to kitchen, bar, and runners.

        Fully integrates with fixed POS stations.

        Displays menu screens like fixed POS stations, for ease of use.

        Installs on affordable, wireless handheld devices widely available at retail stores or on-line.



        Provides multi-level, multi-user, secure access.

        Easily customizes access levels for each user.

Example Secure Access Setup Screens


JUMPWARE Reliability & Versatility

     Automates database backup in real time.

     Uses robust Sybase database for maximum reliability.

     Enables any POS station to take on the role of database server, backup server, or transaction server, with minimal effort.  

     Allows authorized user to access any POS or back-office application at any station, thereby maximizing redundancy in case of hardware failure at particular station or back-office computer.

     Gives multiple employees (with adequate permission) the flexibility to simultaneously access different applications on different POS stations.  

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