JUMPWARE Inventory & Recipe Management

Administration - The following screen displays the main JUMPWARE functions that an authorized user can access from any POS station or the back-office computer. Each button in the yellow section (lower right) leads to a set of useful features that greatly facilitate inventory management, payables, and recipe creation (menu explosion).  Note that you have the flexibility to choose which items you want to enter in the JUMPWARE Inventory application and which you don't.  This allows you to make your inventory management as general or as detailed as you'd like and change it over time.   

If you use the included JUMPWARE Vendors (Purchasing) application, JUMPWARE will automatically update your inventory as new items are delivered by your suppliers. But we don't stop here! JUMPWARE ties inventory items to recipes and recipes to menu items, and keeps track of the desired items from purchase to sale.  What does this mean to you? 


Time and labor savings by automating tasks you and your employees previously did by hand


Ability to immediately begin selling newly purchased items (e.g. a new desert or a new wine you just bought from your supplier).   


Flexibility to select which items you want to keep track of from purchase to sale and which you don't (e.g., you may want to keep track of your fillets but not your ketchup). 

Below are example Inventory & Recipe Management screens:

Inventory Items -

The "Create Simple Recipe" button allows you to turn an inventory item into a recipe and link it to a menu item very quickly.  Simple recipes are useful when you want to track expensive inventory items (e.g. steaks or wines) but not bother with tracking others (e.g. sugar or ketchup).  In other words, JUMPWARE gives you the option to make use of the inventory management application very quickly right away and make your recipes more detailed over time.

Update Inventory Status - At your command, JUMPWARE will generate a report showing you what should be the current status of your inventory. You have the option to sort, view, and print this information by category, location, and par level. The report gives you an easy way to compare calculated vs. physical inventory as often as you'd like, and react to any significant variances or related trends. Finally, you can use this screen to add or delete inventory items or modify inventory categories (e.g. produce, beers, etc.).

Edit Recipe Categories - The screen below allows you to easily and quickly add, delete or modify recipe categories. 

Recipe Costing - Using the screen below, you can enter new recipes or modify existing ones and tie each recipe to one or more menu items. Additionally, you can create sub-recipes that can be included conveniently in your other recipes.  The target percentage cost allows you to compare your cost vs. price of each menu item on the "Review Menu Pricing" screen (see "POS" web page). You then have the option to make any adjustments and ensure the desired profit margin. 

Select Recipe - This screen allows you to quickly select, view, and modify an existing recipe, verify its links, or even enter a new recipe. 

View Inventory Links - On this screen, JUMPWARE ties inventory items, recipes, and menu items together and gives you the whole picture.  You can view this information in two ways: (1) menu item to inventory item and (2) inventory item to menu item. Here, JUMPWARE also lists inventory items that have been entered but not linked to menu items.  

JUMPWARE is an all-in-one package that combines point-of-sale (POS) and back-office (restaurant management) functions into one comprehensive but easy-to-use and affordable system.  We invite you to view other JUMPWARE Back Office and POS application screens:  




POS Reports








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